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Game Name: S4 League
Genre: Online action game
Rating: 13+ (by gDaubs)
Payment: None currently
Time Period: Future/Cyberworld
Player Killing: Yes
Learning Curve: Light
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
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Introduction (From the main site):
"What exactly is S4 League?

Style - Find your own style, evolve your own Superhero and become the best S4 player ever. A revolutionary 3D-Cartoon-Rendering Technologie is the current best one and gives you the possibility of cool stunts and hellacious outfits.

eSper - choose one of many supernatural skills use them strategically to bring your team to victory.

Shooting - Train all weaponservices and find out which one is your strength. Only the best combination of skill and weapon brings you to pool position.

Sports - Play together with your friends in teams and reach the goal in different modes like "Deathmatch" and "Touch Down Mode". Objective is to catch the ball and bring it as fast as possible into the opponents' goal without loosing it. Just a question of teamwork!"


Unique Features:
- Real time combat: All fighting is done in real time. Run, jump, shoot, dodge, and flip off walls when you choose to!
- Weapon selection: Lots and lots of swords, guns, and powers to choose from. There's something for everyone.
- Skills: Grab a skill that you can use to turn the tide of battle. Each skill has a unique use and molds your character differently.


S4 Player

gDaubs' Review:
Currently in progress.

Long story short: Bored with life? Yeah, you won't be once you get your hands on this. Combat is intense, yet the bright, vibrant graphics give it a more laid-back feeling than other games. The game runs quite well on older systems, though don't consider trying anything ancient. Money (PEN) is hard to come by, as you'll have to constantly repair your weapons, skills, and fashion items. It is funny to say you have to repair your face, though. It's a bit whacky when trying to connect for the first time; depending on your computer setup, you might play perfectly fine or you'll get kicked off before you even log in. I had to change a few network settings in order to join games.

If you aren't downloading this right now, you have no idea what you're missing out on.